Outside Plant Engineering & Field Services

In an ever-escalating competitive market, the race to win and keep the customer has never been more important. Our comprehensive, turnkey Oustide Plant (OSP) Engineering & Field Services teams deliver the expertise that ensures success, taking your project from inception to completion for every phase of an OSP project.  We can lead you through a step-by-step process, from the initial OSP design, construction implementation management, turn-up, testing and final acceptance on your FTTx projects.  With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our OSP Engineering team has implemented hundreds of networks across the country.

From start to finish, CHR is dedicated and determined to deliver a seamless, digital "paperless" OSP engineering process to deliver a more efficient implementation project.  Whether you are seeking an engineering engagement for small project assistance, or a large turn-key engineering project, CHR is dedicated to your success by delivery of OSP engineering services accurately, timely and in a cost effective manner.

Outside Plant Design

CHR evaluates your existing plant and makes recommendations on the latest technology.

  • FTTH Active Ethernet Designs - P2P
  • FTTP PON Designs (GPON/NGPON) - P2MP
  • FTTN (CSA xDSL)Designs
  • Centralized or Distributed Fiber Network Architectures
  • Detailed Cost Analysis Between Design Alternatives
  • Detailed Buried, Underground and Aerial Infrastructure Designs
  • Digitized "Paperless" Design Process, Utilizing GIS Land Base, GIS/GPS Automation Tools
  • WTTx

Per our OSP Design Standards, we document client-specific designs in order to ensure design and cost decisions are followed from the initial design through implementation phases.

Field Staking 

We stake the project area and create detailed plans and specifications using state-of-the-art computer technology and graphics.

  • CHR Engineers are familiar and proficient with several third party, digital staking solutions
  • Detailed Buried, Underground and Aerial Staking and Cable Mapping
  • Use of USDA Rural Utilities Service (RUS), CHR and/or service provider recommended Construction Specifications and Standards
  • Digitized "Paperless" Field Staking Services used with the development of GIS Land Base and GPS Assisted Field Staking Systems

Public Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition and Environment Analysis

CHR works with you to secure the rights-of-way and to verify the easement requirements for the entire project.

  • State, County, and Railroad ROW Permitting
  • Public Permitting Management (through Construction to Completion)
  • Cultural Resources Study and Approval
  • Natural Resource Management and Approval
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

OSP Contract/Plans and Specifications 

CHR managed the bid process by evaluating the bids, checking the references and performance bonds of the responders and providing recommendations for the acceptance of the bid.

  • RUS 515 and/or CHR 515 OSP Contracts
  • Detailed Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Contract Administration and Management Services
  • Detailed Standards References (RUS, NEC, NESC, Federal, State and Local)
  • Detailed Construction Guide Drawings, Fiber Assignment Schematics, Construction Sheets
  • Management of the Competitive Bid Process, Bid Analysis & Recommendation After Bid Award

Construction and Site Management

CHR provides construction coordination, planning and monitoring of progress. Construction Inspection can be provided for assurance of construction quality.

  • Resident Engineers and Inspectors with Extensive Construction Knowledge and Experience
  • Standardized Construction Management and Documentation Processes and Procedures
  • Software-based Construction Unit As-Built Inventory Process and Digitized As-Built Maps
  • Dedicated Contract Administration Staff assigned to a Project throughout the Implementation, including Monthly Invoice Reconciliation and Contract Budget Tracking
  • Final As-Built Inventory, Reconciliation and Contract Closeout Services

Final Acceptance Testing

CHR thoroughly reviews the contractor's detailed copper and fiber testing results and performs our own complete acceptance testing. We complete the final inspection at every location to ensure the project equipment is professionally and correctly installed.

  • Fiber Cable Continuity Testing - Verification of Fiber Assignments, continuity by Light Source/Power Meter; OTDR Test Results Review/Analysis
  • Copper Cable - "Megger" Testing, Continuity, Pair Assignment Verification
  • Cable Location - Ability to conduct "Spot Checks" as requested, for random verification of cable depth for Adherence to Contract Specifications
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