Network Planning & Design

A Communications Service Provider's infrastructure and systems must have the flexibility and agility to support future subscriber needs and planned services. Our engineering experts spend time with your team building a five-year strategic plan, resulting in a written document outlining a proactive strategy for network design, a schedule for amending the plan over time and a list of solutions capable of kick starting and supporting the plan.


Using a services first approach, CHR defines which network elements, systems, processes and data models are necessary to fulfill future service needs. In this deep-dive phase, CHR team considers all aspects of infrastructure including:

  • Inter-carrier Exchange Networks
  • PSTN Networks and the migration to an all IP Network
  • Voice Switching (TDM and VoIP) and Transport Systems
  • Access Networks: Fiber-to-the-Home, Fiber-in-the-Loop, Hybrid Fiber
  • Wireless as a complementary service or to extend reach

Broadband Baseline and Bandwidth Planning

We work with you to determine the broadband baseline capabilities for all exchanges and develop a "bandwidth timeline" based on minimum bandwidth requirements for towns, rural and special case areas. Bandwidth predictions, both upstream and downstream, are based on services such as tiers of broadband, Over-the-Top applications, IPTV, Smart Home or other services in your product portfolio.


Proactive analysis of all components of the inter/intra-service provider environment helps to reduce surprises and the costs associated with them, resulting in:

  • Efficient maintenance operations
  • Eliminating unexpected budget spikes
  • Improved management of customer expenditure dollars
  • Predictions of future capital requirements for better budget planning
  • Anticipation of emergency situations that could potentially impact customer experience

Network Evolution Planning

Network Evolution Planning provides you with a clear strategy for going from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. The Network Evolution Plan may consider the following technologies to deliver broadband depending on the bandwidth desired, risk sensitivity, customer demand, density, topology and cost per subscriber:

  • Wi-Fi/Wi-Max/4G LTE
  • Active Ethernet
  • Bonded/Vector xDSL

CHR's Network Evolution Plan deliverable is a strategic planning tool used to define the services you want while managing the cost to deliver those services.


Once the plan is in place, CHR's Network Planning Service team works to establish a schedule for revalidating assumptions according to scheduled events, such as annual planning meetings, or changes in business or market goals.

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