GIS/CAD Services

Accurate and up-to-date mapping is crucial to nearly every element of your business. Everything from network maintenance, emergency response, budget forecasting and company valuation require these records be accurate in order to keep your company on course.

Relying on single point dependencies and perishable paper records create vulnerabilities for your customer, community and company. CHR' GIS/CAD Services take the guess work out of geospatial management and ensure your business is on the right path.

No matter what format or condition your maps are currently in, from paper to newer electronic formats, Our GIS/CAD team can update them into the latest standard formats and make sure they match your standards. We also offer an option for turnkey management of all plant and operational CAD records in our cloud-based system. Our technical resources, proven processes, and systems help assure business continuity, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce reporting errors through real-time geo-referenced intelligence.

We provide the following GIS/CAD services:

  • Data extraction and normalization from paper to CAD
  • Landbase and coordinate creation (lat/long, roads, hydrology, landmarks, ROW)
  • Digitizing "Paperless" Design Processes, GIS/GPS Automation Tools
  • Creation of your company's CAD/GIS standards
  • Data file hosting on CHR servers
  • Data imports (FEMA, soils, DFW, FCC, HUBB)
  • Report, query, and analysis capabilities
  • Data exports to One-Call-Dig-Tess and Google Earth
  • Graphical object assignment (routes, peds, CSA#)
  • Aerial imagery and GPS
  • Ongoing system updates and support of geographical data
  • Facilities management system integration
  • Linking of Billing systems to CAD maps
  • Creation of maps for Marketing and Feasibility
  • ACAM Mapping
  • GeoCoding of Customer Addresses
  • AutoCAD Training (Novice to Advanced)


In addition to performing the above mentioned GIS/CAD services on an as-needed basis, CHR offers a fully managed GIS/CAD service for those that prefer this be handled in a turnkey fashion in order to maintain and keep all their mapping records up-to-date without full time staffing towards that effort.

Ensure your records and mapping are meeting today's latest standard, call CHR today!

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