Fiber to the Premise

Implementation of the right FTTx architecture ensures you will have enough bandwidth for your residential and business customers in the future, eliminating the need to rebuild your distribution network. Solutions range from Passive Optical Networks (PONs), Active Ethernet and Metro Ethernet networks, to a hybrid network, in order to support 100Mbps, 1Gbps or higher.

Outside Plant Design

CHR evaluates your existing plant and makes recommendations on the latest technology.

  • FTTH Active Ethernet Designs - P2P
  • FTTP PON Designs (GPON/NGPON) - P2MP
  • FTTN (CSA xDSL)Designs
  • Centralized or Distributed Fiber Network Architectures
  • Detailed Cost Analysis Between Design Alternatives
  • Detailed Buried, Underground, and Aerial Infrastructure Designs
  • Digitized "Paperless" Design Process, Utilizing GIS Land Base, GIS/GPS Automation Tools
  • WTTx

CHR's OSP Design Standards document Client-specific designs in order to ensure design and cost decisions are followed from the initial design through implementation phases.

Fiber to the Premise (Home and Business)

CHR engineers are experts in deploying FTTx, including Active Ethernet and Passive Optical Network (PON) designs, Radio Frequency (RF) over Glass, and outside plant construction implementation. In planning and designing a successful Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) or Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment, integration success depends on the quality of the engineering process. CHR begins with a thorough understanding of the client's requirements and an assessment of the project scope to identify critical information necessary for high-quality engineering results.

CHR's design team is recognized as industry experts in providing engineering services. With extensive experience in design and detail engineering for OSP and FTTx networks.

Communications service providers benefit from CHR's FTTx and OSP network knowledge, and the understanding of multiple FTTx active and passive component vendors' equipment. CHR engineers collaborate with clients to outline the project scope and design requirements, resulting in a comprehensive integrated solution that reduces risks and delivers exceptional results.

Design Engineering

CHR FTTx design engineering services provide practical designs for FTTx networks and infrastructure featuring multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions. With extensive FTTx, OSP and Central Office experience, CHR delivers superior engineering designs. Our engineers provide:

  • FTTx Design Assumptions
  • FTTx Migration Development
  • Plans for FTTx Network Growth
  • FTTx Capacity Planning Designs
  • RFP Management for Electronics Vendor Selection
  • Fiber Efficiency
  • CO Infrastructure Designs
  • OSP and Passive Optical Network Designs
  • Inside Plant Fiber Distribution Frame Planning

Detail Engineering

CHR's experienced detail engineers can provide drawings for customer records and specifications for installation teams. CHR Detail Engineers deliver:

  • Site Surveys
  • Installation Specifications
  • Floor Plans and Equipment Drawings
  • Assignment Records and Database Updates

Equipment and Optical Design

The CHR Equipment Engineering Design Team will conduct a detailed analysis of the existing network and create a cost effective design based on requirements and future needs with consideration for all network components, including Outside Plant and Central Office Facilities for FTTx applications and services.

Equipment Recommendation and Contract/Plans and Specifications

CHR consultants are knowledgeable on many platforms and have cultivated relationships with key product vendors who supply routing, switching, access, transport, wireless and other equipment to the service provider market segment. Whether you just need an expert recommendation for the right gear, based on an expert analysis of your requirements, or assistance with procurement, CHR delivers.

CHR can assist you with Equipment Contracts and Plans & Specifications and will manage the bid process by evaluating the bids, checking the references and performance bonds of the responders, technical reviews and providing recommendations for the acceptance of the bid.

  • Detailed Plans and Specifications
  • Contract Administration and Management Services
  • Management of the Competitive Bid Process, Bid Analysis, and Recommendation

FTTx and OSP Design

The CHR Engineering Design Team will conduct a detailed analysis of the existing network and create a cost effective design based on requirements and future needs with consideration for all network components, including Outside Plant and Central Office Facilities for FTTx applications and services. Alternate plans will also be studied and cost analysis performed to determine the most prudent course of action.

The OSP Design group is involved with fiber-optic cable systems in FTTx (Active Ethernet and PON) designs for direct buried, aerial and duct bank installation. Services include:

  • OSP Review for Optimum Utilization of Existing Infrastructure Plant
  • Area Coverage Survey (ACS) Maps Detailing the Location of all service locations (residential, business, future growth), potential Fiber Distribution Cabinets, Access Terminals
  • OSP Designs for Centralized and Distributed fiber distribution Models
  • Cable Schematics with Cabinet Placement and Access Terminal Designs
  • Mapping and Design for Primary Feeder and Secondary Distribution Cable Plant
  • Test Inspections to Verify Compliance with FTTx PON Specifications and Architectural Design Components

Field Verification

The CHR Engineering Design Team can conduct an Area Coverage Survey (ACS) to locate existing establishments and potential growth areas on existing and new Map/Plat systems. Field Verifications of existing plant and subscribers for new FTTx systems can also be performed.

Staking and Permitting

CHR Engineering Design Team provides clients exact Construction Drawings for Aerial, Buried and Underground facilities, compliant with National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and local building and electrical requirements. Based upon the FTTx Design, the CHR Engineering Design Team performs permitting for all state, local and federal authorities.

Construction Monitoring/Quality Control

The CHR Engineering Design Team provides construction coordination, planning and monitoring of progress. Construction Inspection can be provided for assurance of construction quality. Post Construction services includes acceptance testing of all cables, cabinets, and access points, along with an inventory of facilities placed to verify contractor billing and assure accurate property records. Acceptance testing includes certification of all plant and hardware associated with the FTTx design.



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