Bill Print & Fulfillment

Save Money. Maximize Your Brand. Generate New Revenue.

Owning your own billing equipment is expensive. And, the money you spend on maintenance, paper, envelopes and postage continues to increase.

CHR's Bill Print and Fulfillment Services help our clients solve the challenges they are facing. Many companies are re-evaluating their current model for producing invoices, notices and other communication documents.

Transform your transactional invoices, notices and critical customer communication into vibrant marketing tools that drive results, reduce customer service calls and save money. Document composition, production and delivery from CHR will yield increased revenues, reduced costs and improved customer experience.

Bill Print and Fulfillment Service includes:

  • Professional composition of full color statements
  • Professional design and brand awareness marketing
  • Reduce postage and paper costs
  • CASS-Certified accuracy
  • Target marketing
  • USPS NCOALink® service
  • USPS Intelligent Mail
  • Secure electronic storage of client sensitive data
  • Complete quality assurance

To find out how CHR can help your billing operation, visit or call us at 713.351.5111.

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