SDN Communications: Protecting Investments with BC/DR Plan

Sioux Falls, SD - Friday, July 18, 2014

Vernon Brown, Marketing & Community Relations Director | SDN Communications 

SDN Communications

When disaster strikes, whether it is a natural disaster or a cyber attack, every aspect of

your business is vulnerable. Proper planning is vital to maintain the critical business

operations of your company during a disaster. A Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

(BC/DR) program is designed to help your business stave off revenue loss, minimize

operational downtime, and protect against data loss and corruption during times of crisis.

SDN Communications is a regional leader in telecommunications. With offices in South

Dakota and Nebraska, SDN's fiber-optic network touches seven states and has provided

Internet and equipment for over 20 years. When you are a regional leader in

telecommunications and effect communications within seven states, people rely on the

stability of your products and services. Should a disaster strike, a plan should be in


SDN Communications had an existing BC/DR plan in place for years. The problem was

that the plan wasn't evolving with the company and wasn't a living document. As SDN

grew and gained support from clients, they began to realize the importance of a BC/DR

plan for their continued growth. They need to assure their customers and local

authorities of their secure network and that their data and information was safe with

SDN. They realized the importance of a BC/DR plan, but they didn't know where to


CHR Solutions helped SDN Communications develop a BC/DR program and emergency

response plan. Not only is CHR putting together an action plan should a disaster occur,

but they are determining risk factors, critical business functions and assisting them to

mitigate those risks. CHR Solutions is assisting SDN Communications to set up a

BC/DR exercise program, facilitate the exercise, produce an after action report, and

follow up with a BC/DR Program statement. The BC/DR program statement is a sales

aid provided to maintain their customer base and/or bring in new business for those

customers needing vendors with BC/DR programs in place, not just an Emergency

Response Plan. CHR is ensuring SDN Communications and their clients that they will

always be available and that the BC/DR program and emergency response plan will

protect their investments.


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