Are You Ready To Meet Consumer Demands For Faster Speeds?

Did you know as consumers become increasingly accustomed to a connected lifestyle, they will expect all of their technology experiences to be instant, personalized and connected? This can be tough to fulfill with outdated facilities. However, slow or no internet access is more detrimental than missing out on streaming the latest season of Stranger Things. In fact, a lack of high-speed Internet can limit access to healthcare, education, and overall economic growth especially in Rural America. With the global market just a few clicks away, access to fast and stable Internet connections has become integral to modern life.

One of the many benefits of building a fiber network in a rural community is increased access to healthcare. Patients who have previously had to travel long distances to see their doctor can now monitor a chronic illness right from home. This strongly impacts communities without hospitals, allowing people to reach specialists outside of their area.

Another benefit to strong Internet access in rural communities is the innovation it brings to agriculture. By integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into farming practices, farmers are able to achieve a level of operational efficiency and greater crop yields that was previously unattainable. A popular example is the "smart cow." There are many different options when it comes to bovine technology, from gadgets attached to a cow's ankle that communicates whether the animal is walking too little or too much, to complex systems like Well Cow Bolus, a telemetry system inside the cow's first stomach that monitors the dietary health and temperature of the cow and even samples bio-markers present in the milk as it is being developed. Stable access to faster Internet speeds has changed agriculture throughout the States allowing farmers to be more productive with fewer resources, thus effectively increasing revenue.

Building a fiber network is a big decision for any provider. Whether you're an electric coop, telephone company, or city municipality, the first step in determining whether a fiber network is the right thing for you is to start with a feasibility study. CHR Solutions partners with some of the brightest in the industry to determine what solution is best for you. We can also help you with finding the financial resources needed through one of the many Federal grant programs installed to stimulate rural broadband. When it comes to speed and connectivity, it's important to ensure you're doing everything you can to meet customer expectations. 


Written by Michael Beecher at 00:00