Game Changer for Rural Broadband Access

It's exciting to see what President Donald Trump is doing for rural America. Earlier this week (January 8, 2018), President Trump signed two presidential orders to expand access to broadband in rural America. The White House summarized these two orders by saying "The first of these two orders instructs the Department of Interior to dedicate a portion of its assets for rural broadband installation. The second order will streamline the installation process by requiring agencies to use standardized forms and contracts for installing antennas on federal buildings, thus improving process efficiency." To read more from the White House on this subject, visit

NTCA's CEO, Shirley Bloomfield, blogged about this day, as she had the opportunity to go Nashville to hear President Trump's speech at the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual meeting. You can read Shirley's blog here:

All I know is this will be a game changer in getting broadband access to rural America. Want to talk more about this huge opportunity, just give me a shout here at CHR (702-493-6142)!

Written by Bill Gerski at 00:00

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