The Value of NOC Monitoring

A Network Operations Center (NOC) can provide your business with 24x7x365 monitoring of your critical systems.  How does this translate into value for your business and your clients/end users?

Proactive responses to things that might occur is the key to a good NOC service.  All the monitoring and data in the world is useless if someone isn't actually doing something with it. Correlating all the data so that a proactive measure can be taken to stop or impede a possible problem or to plan for growth is where a NOC service can add value to your business.  Being able to see the train coming and switching the tracks to prevent a wreck will save you time and money.  From using the data to head off a cyber-attack or using the data to grow your business, NOC services adds another layer of value for your company.

All businesses are actively trying to be proactive with how they operate.  Researching the market they exist in, their competitors, their up and downstream providers, their marketing tactics, and their customer base.  They put all this data together and try to figure out how they plan for the future to grow their business or head off a loss.  NOC monitoring services is not unlike this, except it is for your business IT systems.  It adds a level of hard data that can be correlated and provides a business with factual data on the current and historical utilization of their servers, their network devices, and their circuits.  It's not just on/off or up/down monitoring, but the ability to monitor everything on a device and the paths that connect devices and customers.  This information can then be used to make informed business decisions.

All too often NOC is thought of as an alert service to tell you when something is down or broken, but when implemented properly and the data used efficiently, it can add high value to your bottom line and to your customer experience.

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Written by David Raucher at 00:00

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