What to Watch for in Cybersecurity in 2016


Allen Lepke, Managed Services Product Manager



Information security threats will continue to rise in volume in 2016. Enterprises can help mitigate risk for their operations with improved awareness and best practices. Where should businesses focus their efforts, investments and attention? What types of enterprises will be most at risk? Here's what to expect for Cybersecurity in 2016.

Cloud Computing Attacks Will Grow

Attacks on the cloud will also grow more serious and widespread during 2016. This will serve as a wake-up call to many organizations, as concern and urgency quickly trickle down from large to midsized businesses. To help protect their critical info and data, enterprises will demand stricter, more effective cloud controls and security, along with secure cloud networking solutions.

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Protecting Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Smaller organizations were previously not as attractive to hackers as they could not provide the wealth of information that might be obtained from a larger enterprise. Today, criminals can extract greater value from stolen data through analytics and metrics, and by leveraging stolen identities on the Dark Web, a vast and fast-growing cybercrime black market. This puts smaller organizations firmly in the firing line.

Security Defense Priorities 

Businesses are beginning to take Cybersecurity much more seriously, especially since it is such a hot topic right now. There is widespread recognition that the risks to business are on the rise and that the cost to recover from a security incident is high and continuously increasing. The impact on brand reputation can be significant. As a result, corporate boards now increasingly prioritize data security and risk management, and we can expect awareness to continue to spread as the year progresses.

Businesses will invest more money and resources on becoming proactive in their Cybersecurity defenses during 2016. In addition, the use of threat intelligence will rise. A key trend this year will be for enterprises to remove organizational silos to help improve security through better communication and improved operations. Accountability for security is increasingly becoming a responsibility that is shared across the enterprise, not just in Managed IT.

While continuous investment in security and education is now an inevitable part of doing business, Managed Security will keep on increasing. As these threats grow, security services will be re-prioritized, to help guard against Cybercrime.

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