An Efficient IT Service Desk Increases Revenue

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David Raucher, Director of IT and Managed Services



Today's business environment is reliant on rapidly changing and increasingly complex technologies. A comprehensive and adaptable IT Service Desk is essential. A Service Desk acts as the brains of an IT operations, informing management regarding what resources are needed to support an increasing usage of technology in the business environment.

It is important to review and analyze whether your infrastructure services are growing at the same pace as the business. If not, it is unlikely that they will be stable and robust enough to support your business' growth.

An under-resourced IT Service Desk might seem like a smart play to some businesses. This may appear to be cost-effective, but often results in a lack of controls, no KPIs or limited ways to measure effectiveness, and costly downtime. Hiring more help desk personnel is not the answer. The solution is to give a small group of strained IT staff the tools and resources required to do an effective job. An efficient IT Service Desk increases revenue via boosting uptime, improving resolution times and enhanced staff productivity. 

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