Broadband Demand on the Rise


Mike Beecher, Head of Engineering



The number one demand by end users is a rapid increase in broadband. People now have multiple devices and are streaming more video with services likes Netflix and Hulu, along with a strong push from gaming consoles such as XBox One and Playstation 4. For service providers this has resulted in demand not only for pure last mile bandwidth, but the additive factor places stress on the upstream fiber capacity, electronic equipment and connection to the cloud.

This demand on the edge is translated to the transport networks. These networks need to be reviewed and updated for equipment, software, patches, security and redundancy. The ability to accommodate these rapid changes in a controlled plan can avoid expensive forklift upgrades. 

Likewise as more bandwidth is available there are also new revenue streams to be developed that will be appropriate for the demographic in your area.  A provider can no longer say that "my customers" do not want broadband. The message may be that they have not been shown the value and applications. 

If you have never tasted honey, how do you describe it? Perhaps your office needs to be a demo area of the capabilities and promote the technology.  The devices are easier to use and the results can be life changing for your customers and your company can look to the future with a brighter outlook. 

CHR assists clients in planning for the networks of the future whether it be the core, subtending rings, voice, data, video, access or wireless networks. We design networks to scale to avoid forklift upgrades and to match increased demand.

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Written by Michael Beecher at 00:00

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