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Ultimately when making technology buying decisions, the general business priorities of an organization play an enormous factor in determining what is adopted and how it is purchased and managed. Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents peg cost reduction as their chief strategic priority in the coming year, a goal that is nearly matched by the desire to improve staff productivity and capabilities.  

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The argument is often made that turning to managed services as a way to handle some or all of your basic, day-­‐to-­‐day IT operations reins in costs, or at the very minimum renders them more predictable due to the way they are priced on a recurring basis. At the same time, moving more IT into the hands of an outside provider also clears the way for internal IT staff - or whomever handles IT for a particular organization - to work on initiatives that hew more to core mission and may drive revenue. According to a recent survey, a high percentage of companies using managed services today identify the MSP engagement as one where you are working with "experts" that provide "peace of mind" and "security." That validation suggests that IT is run more smoothly, with fewer problems and more effective resolution when they do come up, in the hands of an MSP. With employees experiencing less downtime as a result of IT glitches in the corporate network or with their devices, productivity within their core work responsibilities is likely to increase.


Other priorities for the year ahead also tie into the use of technology and possibly managed services as well. The desire to improve data analytics capabilities is something company executives expound upon all the time as a way to gain actionable insights into business performance and potential for improvement. Likewise, innovating more effectively and improving operational efficiency are both goals that many turn to automation and better technology tools to help achieve.

Why Outsource Managed Services?

Leveraging our decade of experience in Managed IT Services, we can quickly begin helping our business customers:

  • Improve Internal IT support
  • Leveraging a broader based skill set
  • Increase Productivity
  • Manage IT Expenses
  • Reduce Costly Errors
  • Monitoring and Management of Equipment
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Device Availability

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