Managed Services Use on the Rise

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David Raucher, Director of IT and Managed Services



CIO's See Advantages of Managed Services

CIO's and IT leaders are seeing the key benefits such as operational efficiency, standardization and faster implementation as the advantages of using managed services and expect to move more functions to managed services providers.

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IT leaders realize that to get things done better and quicker, they must turn to outside help. These same leaders find themselves in a position of needing to make tougher decisions and to cut costs while keeping the quality of the services their clients expect. Recent research shows that 69 percent of CIO's and IT leaders see partnering with an outside firm for managed services as the answer and it is expected to continue to grow.

Some of the top reasons for partnering are:

  • Leveraging industry best practices
  • Shared remote infrastructure model
  • Scalable solutions

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