Resource and Skill Set Constraints for Communication Service Providers


Allen Lepke, Managed Services Product Manager



Even though customers are more reliant on communications services than ever before, they have become much less patient than ever. Customers have made the services that a Communications Service Provider (CSP) provide a critical part of their daily lives and rely on those services extensively. Every CSP has multiple B/OSS interfaces, systems and tools that they deal with, as well as interfacing with third party vendors, to ensure that services are being delivered and maintained for their customers. Keeping staff trained on each of these different systems is often times very time consuming and expensive for a CSP.

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All of the items mentioned above can combine to create an overwhelming burden on your technical support staff. Just from the sheer number of devices and complexity involved, staff is often left feeling overwhelmed. As your network becomes more and more complex from implementing new technologies, the level of support and skills needed from your technical support staff are forced to evolve and grow and customers' expectations for service has evolved to expecting the CSP to be available 24x7x365. The days of only being available Monday through Friday are over. Support staff are expected to be available around the clock and be problem solvers and extensions of the sales team.

What should a CSP be looking for to provide better service when their customers call in?

Do you have internal processes and procedures in place?

Are there documented processes and procedures in place that your Technical Support Representatives, Service Technicians, and NOC staff follow when a customer calls into the company? Do they answer the phone in a standard manner and do they follow a consistent procedure for troubleshooting? Are there documented processes and procedures as to how often your staff should follow up with the customer after reporting an issue?

Do you have an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) in place?

Are you utilizing a phone system that helps you identify your calls by service or skillset? If there is an outage or known issue, do your customers hear an announcement to proactively notify them of an issue and possible estimated time of restoral? An ACD also helps to communicate known maintenance items that are happening as well as problems or outages that have occurred in specific service areas.

What are your goals for the following?

Average Speed of Answer

Abandoned Calls

Longest Time to Answer

Average Wait

Is your Technical Support staff taking calls from your customers that is above their skillset level, having to escalate which can be an additional expense to the company like a truck roll or utilizing your on-call staff. Could their time be better spent focusing on other parts of your business? Do you want your team to become more efficient and more effective? CHR is here to help you take control of your evolving network and provide your customers with superior technical support.

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