Does It Cost More to Provide Good Customer Service?

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Kelly Kuyper, Head of Technical Support



The role of IT Managed Services has dynamically changed over the last several years.  Personalized, white glove and concierge services are becoming an expectation of support from customers. IT Managed Services is a commodity business. By adding communication, visibility and a common understanding, the client receives the concierge type of approach with the addition of perceived value.  

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Adding proactive simple steps helps the customer notice that the IT Managed Services team is paying attention. This goes all the way to maintaining information regarding each client's employee and their expectations; from computer setup, to smallest detail, such as if they are left handed or right handed. This attention to detail makes clients feel important and valued.

When bringing a new client on board, the first 3 months are crucial to determining the success of the Managed Services provider. Change is difficult for people; EVEN if it is a positive change. People do not adhere to new things at the same time. This staggered acceptance during the first 3 months should be monitored closely, to be aware and stay ahead of potential issues.

All of this starts at the first meeting with the customer and setting realistic expectations from the get go.  There is no sugar-coating the fact that taking on a Managed Services provider is major change to a work environment. However, through effective and transparent correspondence with the customer, the benefits can be clearly illustrated and leveraged.

What I have learned over the years in the Managed Services industry is that potential customers always remember preliminary discussions and not so much as what is written out on the contracts.  

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