We Are Not Just The Telephone Company Anymore


Rick Overman, Head of Strategy & Industry Relations



One of my greatest skills is to state the obvious. Those of you who know me understand that I am the one in the meeting that listens to everyone else, then makes a statement that is intuitively obvious.  So, that will likely be the theme of my blogs: "Deep Thoughts from Mr. Obvious".

So, my "obvious" comment of the day is that telecommunications companies have to transform themselves from "The Telephone Company" to a "Broadband Company". Again, the obvious is that this transformation is not only changing your network, but changing the entire culture of your company.

Of course, the culture part is the more difficult of the transformation. During the network evolution you will need a migration path and work plan to provide advanced broadband services. The migration plan should outline a move from the current network to a broadband based network that will support higher speeds demanded by your customers.

The Broadband Evolution Plan (BEP) should define the baseline network for switching, transport, access, distribution and customer premises equipment. From the baseline network, you should develop a BEP that provides for an enhanced network infrastructure capable of supporting more bandwidth and additional revenue producing services.

To support your Broadband Evolution Plan, our experts can perform a Network Analysis of the portion of your network including a review of network diagrams and documents, along with a physical inspection of the network elements, logging into equipment in order to view configurations and other information and interviews with network staff. After the analysis is complete, we will evaluate all results and develop a set of change recommendations, should any be required, to address potential problem areas.

The Network Analysis will focus on areas such as overall network architecture, redundancy, bandwidth and link utilization, equipment (routers, switches, voice, optical, NMS, etc.) and other aspects of the voice, video, data and IT network.

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