The Holy Grail of Backup

The cloud is a real lifesaver and timesaver when it comes to backup. While most consumers and home users will find a single cloud backup to be enough, businesses need to take a different approach. Having a single tier backup in the cloud is not enough.

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There is a relatively new architecture known as hybrid backup or disk-to-disk-to-cloud (D2D2C) that is far superior. With this approach to backup, your first tier is to an on-premise disk/s. There are many advantages. First, this disk is probably already in place, or should at least be. And being local, your restores should be fast, especially if you only need to restore small amounts of data.

The next step is to team the local disk with your cloud backup and this is the beauty of hybrid backup. If the local disk is somehow compromised you can always restore from the cloud, and this is particularly handy for disaster recovery. In some cases, restores make more sense from the cloud, such as when the device that needs the restore is remotely located and the cloud offers an easier and faster approach. Best of all, there is no need for tape!


The cloud isn't just good for backup. It is now a superior solution. You no longer have to worry about the infrastructure. Backups are automated. The data is encrypted. Availability is higher than you could achieve on your own.

You maximize your time, and minimize your costs.

None of those scenarios is possible with tape backup. If you're not making the transition to cloud backup, you're doing your business a disservice - and making your life far more difficult.

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Written by David Raucher at 00:00
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