Digital Home Momentum Drives New Industry Alliance

The home networking industry continues to consolidate and coalesce around emerging industry-wide standards: HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance on May 28 announced they are merging. Operating under the HomeGrid Forum name, the union "creates a larger, stronger organization well positioned to lead the evolution of all home wireline networks to" Home Grid Forum has been a leading proponent of, a set of home networking standards developed under the International Telecommunication Union's Telecommunications Standardization unit, ITU-T.

"The combined organization, under the HomeGrid Forum banner, will promote the smooth transition of all current generation wireline home networking technologies to, the 'any wire' technology defined by ITU-T open international standards," according to a HomeGrid Forum press release.

A critical issue for the merged industry association is supporting the more than 40 million HomePNA devices already deployed. Aiming to reassure HomePNA device users, the new HomeGrid Forum has set out "a defined migration path to," according to the press release.

Both HomePNA and are important technology standards for the digital home. They both compete with MoCA, as the preferred options for wired home networks. HomePNA relies primarily on home phone lines for connectivity. MoCA uses coaxial cable within the home, and is the "any wire" option, using home phone line, coaxial cable, or electrical power lines within the home.

Digital home and home networking technologies are promising for broadband service providers. They enable a variety of incremental revenue generating services and we encourage clients to develop and implement an active digital home strategy.

Written by David Raucher at 09:00

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