Rural Call Completion Problem Receives High Profile Attention

For over a couple of years now, a serious call completion problem has impacted rural America and CHR Solutions' clients. Telephone calls into rural parts of the country are not being completed properly, creating at best a nuisance for rural customers, but at worst, a potentially life threatening situation, as important public safety calls are not being delivered. It's an issue that has been brought to the attention of the FCC, which recently took action against Level 3 regarding the problem.

Now, a group of U.S. senators has introduced a resolution addressing the impact of this problem, asking the FCC to do something about it. The resolution urges the FCC to "impose swift and meaningful enforcement actions" against long distance carriers that do not complete those calls.

"It is time that rural consumers receive the dependable voice communications services that are mandated under law. Too many calls to rural communities have been failing for far too long, and the issue must be escalated and resolved. On behalf of all rural, community-based telecom providers, I applaud Sens. Klobuchar, Johnson, Fischer and their colleagues for their initiative in acknowledging to the American people that completed calls are not a luxury, but essential for public safety, education, health care and commerce," commented NTCA CEO Shirley Bloomfield in an NTCA press release about the Senate resolution.

The Senate resolution cites an April 2012 industry study that found that 6.4% of calls to rural areas failed but only .5% of calls to urban areas failed. We at CHR Solutions hope this action will help address this important industry issue and bring some closure to this difficult problem for our clients and their customers.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 10:00

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