IT Departments Are Still Too Busy Putting Out Fires

IT staff among business customers are still largely bogged down trying to keep up with day-to-day operations and maintenance and trouble shooting. Additionally, they are trying to keep up with institutional and technological change and trying to improve end-user service quality as opposed to contributing to business innovation, according to a synopsis of a survey conducted by Neebula written by Ziff Davis's Joe McKendrick.

Just trying to keep up with daily IT problems - a litany of 30 or more critical and major events - was reported by 88% of enterprise IT department staff responding to the survey. Digging a bit deeper into troubleshooting problem solving, 61% chose "When there is a problem, most time is spent tracking down the owners of affected systems."

Neebula is a provider of business-level service modeling and management solutions, which it believes can help IT staff and enterprises, address these issues by automating routine tasks and processes. Most survey respondents said they are engaged in service modeling and management at some level, though "there's a lot of work that still needs to be done," McKendrick writes.

Improving processes by employing root cause analysis was an aspect of service modeling work for 68% of respondents; change impact assessment for 67%; and service modeling for business continuity planning for 51%.

Only around half said project goals had been met, however. Twenty-eight percent agreed that "our initial goals were not met but we are realizing value," while 23% agreed that "our goals were not met."

This type of market research reveals that many companies' IT staff are too busy with mundane tasks of "putting out fires," rather than helping align their company's IT and strategic goals. Herein lies an opportunity for CHR clients. With our managed and cloud services portfolio, you can help mitigate these issues for your business customers, which in turn allows them to free up IT resources for more strategic goals and better IT ROI.

By partnering with CHR, you can now approach business customers with a plan to help them better allocate their IT resources and improve their margins. With such an approach, you become their partner for success, not just another vendor trying to sell them a bunch of products.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 10:00

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