Want to Maximize and Grow Revenue?

In a world where any and all of the following issues drive your forward thinking - growth is very slow, your services are commoditized, your customers expect more, and your ability to rollout new capabilities is limited by your legacy back office systems - what options MUST you consider? With a sometimes confusing and complex mix of options available, where do you focus? Revenue is the driver and there are new breeds of expert companies who are addressing exactly these issues. Companies providing a range of options which can be tailored to meet the next generation of capabilities such as:   

New Service opportunities:

  • Cloud and Cloud Content, Telco Grade availability
  • Flexible Service Packages
  • Low Cost of Entry
  • White Labeling
  • 3rd Party Hosting

Managed Services SaaS/SaaS

  • Full or Partial Outsourced Business Models
  • Full Operations Support (NOC, IT, Sysadmin)

Engineering Services and Operations Consulting

  • Best Practices/BPO
  • Operations and Engineering Consulting and Design
  • Systems Integration

Find ideas and approaches to maximize and grow revenue. Join Bill Buchanan of CHR and a panel of other professionals at Broadband Communities Summit on April 16th to find out more about these issues and ways to move ahead.

Written by Michael Standley at 10:45