IP Possibilities - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) represents the latest effort by CHR solutions to assist in lowering costs while increasing convenience, security and mobility. 

Cloud computing is gaining momentum and end users are becoming more interested in VDI products. VDI is taking cloud computing to the next level by offering more than file storage and syncing. With VDI, all computing for an end user would be done on CHR's private Cloud. The end users' desktop experience would be relatively unchanged yet the need for IT hardware expenses would be greatly decreased.

CHR's innovative new product allows end users to extend the life of their hardware while keeping up with the latest technologies.  VDI also eliminates the need to buy a new PC for each employee by better supporting a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) IT model in the work place.  All of these efficiencies can be achieved with VDI will also increasing data security for an increasingly mobile workforce. 

Join Product Manager, Brandon Jacobs for a live VDI demo at IP Possibilities on Thursday, April 18th to find out how end users can utilize VDI and Communication Service Providers can benefit by reselling this innovative product.

Written by Michael Standley at 15:45
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