Take Note of iPad's Rise in Corporate IT

Apple's iPad is having a strong impact in the corporate market, even without much of an outright marketing push by the Cupertino, CA-based manufacturer.
Out of 1,604 business IT buyers surveyed by ChangeWave Research, more than 1-in-5 (22%) said they will be purchasing tablets for their employees during 2Q 2012. With this, the percentage said they'll be buying Apple iPads, jumping to its highest level since the Bethesda, MD-based marketing research firm's been conducting this research. Overall, 84% of companies surveyed planning to buy tablets now say they'll buy iPads-- a 7% surge since November's previous survey.

The impending iPad 3 release is having an impact on the plans of competing tablet manufacturers, as well, ChangeWave, a 451 Research service found. Tablet sales of competing manufacturers are showing an across-the-board decline.
Planned 2Q tablet purchases for second-ranked Samsung are down 2%, to 8% between November and February, while third-ranked Amazon's are down 1% to 6%, according to ChangeWave's survey. Planned purchases of tablets for H-P (4%), Asus (3%), Dell (3%) and RIM/Blackberry (3%) are down as well.
The rise of tablets and iPads have growing implications for IT departments and the service providers who serve them. Customers will want both hardware and software support, as well as the ability to access corporate data remotely.

Written by Michael Standley at 11:00
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