Survey Reveals Preference for Private Cloud Services

Half of cloud services customers are choosing private cloud services as opposed to 32% choosing a public cloud services model, according to results of a CA Technologies' survey of cloud services providers (CSPs) released recently. CSP respondents forecast 30% growth in their businesses this year.
CSPs intend to continue investing in expanding their businesses throughout the year given their sanguine business expectations for the remainder of 2012. The average CSP responding to the survey has been doing business since 2009, while 22% reported having offered cloud services earlier.
Nearly 25% said their cloud services activities had been "extremely successful" with regard to meeting or exceeding expectations. Another 35% said their efforts had been "moderately successful."
The range of cloud services on offer has expanded, and now includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), virtual private data centers and others. The highest percentage of CSPs (2/3) said they offer SaaS solutions.
"Cloud service providers are critical players in the cloud computing ecosystem and important drivers in this new cloud economy," said Adam Famularo, senior vice president, Cloud Solutions and Service Providers, CA Technologies. "Third party providers come from a range of backgrounds - managed services, software development, value-added resellers, even IT consulting and technology outsourcing - and they're leveraging the cloud to transform their businesses and those of their end customers."
In terms of challenges, nearly 50% of CSPs cited addressing customers' security concerns as their top challenge. Issues related to billing strategies (39%) and ensuring customer satisfaction (27%) followed. Ensuring regulatory compliance (17%) and managing data center capital costs (12%) were also cited.
Looking more closely at CSP investments in cloud services, 55% of respondents indicated they would increase their marketing activities, while 46% said they intended to create new cloud services to expand existing offerings. Thirty-one percent said they'd invest to concentrate on vertical markets, suggesting that CSPs are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.


Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00
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