AT&T Survey: Disaster Recovery Becoming a Priority

Eighty-three percent of executives indicated that business continuity and disaster recovery planning was a priority for their organizations, a 12% year-over-year increase. Six out of ten said they had invested in mobile security services, the potential of security breaches being their most pressing concern.
AT&T's 2012 survey results are based on 504 online surveys of IT executives of companies with over $25 million in annual revenue, with 2% of survey respondents being IT executives at government organizations. Online surveys of IT execs were conducted in five selected market areas for the 2012 survey: Florida (100), Los Angeles/Orange County (101), New York DMA (101), Ohio (101) and Texas (101).
Almost half (48%) of survey respondents indicated business continuity and disaster recovery planning has always been a priority for their businesses. Another 35% indicated it has become one in recent years due to natural disasters, political unrest, security and terrorist threats.
Forty-seven percent of respondents said their IT budgets for 2012 were higher than that for the two previous years, while 35% said their organizations' IT budgets remained the same. Sixty-five percent said their companies were investing in new telecoms technology in 2012 as compared to 80% in 2011 and 72% in 2010.
Thirty-two percent said their organizations were very concerned about the security threats posed by increasing use of social networks this year, 44% were very concerned and 18% somewhat concerned. That's roughly in line with the 33% that were very concerned, 46% that were somewhat concerned, and 16% not very concerned in 2011.
Fifty-five percent of respondents said their organizations provided access to social networking tools via the organization's network, pretty much unchanged from the 56% that said so in 2011.
Thirty-three percent said their companies/organizations were very concerned about mobile security threats posed by increased usage, 54% were somewhat concerned and 11% were not very concerned. That compares to 37% that were very concerned, 44% who were somewhat concerned and 15% which were not very concerned in 2011.
AT&T's also published a regional breakdown of its 2012 and previous years' survey results.

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Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00

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