Comcast Doubles High-Speed Internet Tiers, Launches New 305 Mbps Offer

Beginning this week Comcast is doubling the speed of two of its Internet service tiers in particular markets at no additional cost the cable MSO announced. Download speeds for Xfinity Blast! subscribers are up from 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps, while Extreme subscribers should be able to access the Internet at speeds of up to 105 Mbps, up from 50 Mbps.

This latest performance upgrade marks the seventh increase in Internet speeds Comcast has carried out since 2002, the company noted, while promising that there's more to come. "We will continue to increase speeds as customer demands evolve. Comcast is committed to providing our customers with even more choices to get the best, fastest and most reliable experience possible," stated executive VP and general manager of Data and Communications Cathy Avgiris. "More customers are simultaneously connecting to the Internet through tablets, laptops and smartphones within their homes. Whether it's to stream movies, upload photos, video chat with family and friends, or catch all of the Olympics action live on their tablets and connected devices, we want to ensure these consumers are getting the speeds they need," she continued.

In addition, Comcast announced it will begin the launch of Xfinity Platinum Internet, "a new ultra-fast speed tier throughout markets in its Northeast division," including its service territories in Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond and New Jersey." Xfinity Platinum Internet will deliver download speeds as high as 305 Mbps and upload speeds as high as 65 Mbps to "the most advanced digital homes," according to the company.

At no additional cost, Xfinity Platinum Internet customers will also be able to sign up for Xfinity Signature Support (a $9.95/month value) that affords 24/7 tech support. They'll also receive a wireless gateway that will enable them to install a fast, efficient and secure home network, a dedicated Personal Communications Consultant, and the Constant Guard Security Suite online protection service.

The move by Comcast illustrates somewhat of a speed war among larger ISPs. Comcast is responding to Verizon's recent launch of FiOS Quantum, which offers a 300 Mbps tier. It's not entirely clear if these speed wars are more about marketing and competitive positioning, than actual demand in the marketplace from customers.

We encourage CHR clients to monitor their networks and their customer's download trends to determine what speeds are most appropriate for their own markets. Of course competitor behavior needs to be monitored as well, to ensure your offer and your pricing remains competitive.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 11:00