App Economy Now Counts 500K Jobs

Mobile and Internet app growth has been scorchingly fast this past year and that's creating jobs. There are now some 466,000 jobs in the U.S. 'App Economy,' up from zero in 2007, according to a study released by TechNet, a bipartisan policy and political network of technology CEOs promoting innovation as the key to a sustainable, growing economy.

Though spread liberally across the country, New York City and surrounding suburban counties is the top metro area for App Economy jobs, though taken together, San Francisco and San Jose far exceed the NYC metro area in total App Economy jobs.

When it comes to states, California leads the nation in App Economy jobs, with nearly 1 in 4, though they're well established in states as diverse as Florida, Georgia and Illinois, according to the study, entitled "Where the Jobs Are."

Fully two-thirds of App Economy jobs are outside of California, Dr. Michael Mandel of South Mountain Economics found. Mandel conducted the study for TechNet. The results suggest that concentrations of App Economy jobs are likely to shift geographically as the industry continues to evolve, TechNet noted.

"The App Economy, along with the broad communications sector, has been a leading source of hiring strength in an otherwise sluggish labor market," Mandel, South Mountain Economics' president and former chief economist for BusinessWeek, commented. "Today, the App Economy is creating jobs in every part of America, employing hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers today and even more in the years to come."

"America's App Economy - which had zero jobs just 5 years ago before the iPhone was introduced - demonstrates that we can quickly create economic value and jobs through cutting-edge innovation," added Rey Ramsey, TechNet president and CEO.

This data suggests app development is a legitimate economic development opportunity for local communities. CHR Solutions stands ready to help our clients build and develop the broadband and cloud infrastructure that app developers will find attractive.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 09:00
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