Over Half of Pay-TV Households Now Subscribe to DVR Service

According to data from leading market research firm, Leichtman Research Group (LRG), 52% percent of U.S. households subscribing to a multi-channel video service now have a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) http://www.leichtmanresearch.com/press/113012release.html. But among telcoTV households, the percentage is even higher, with 71% subscribing to a DVR.

Multiple DVRs and whole-home DVR service is on the rise as well. LRG reports that approximately 20% of all TV households use DVRs on more than one TV set in the home. That's up from 6% just five years ago.

"The percentage of all TV households in the US with a DVR has essentially doubled over past five years, and DVR is functionality is expanding to more TV sets in the home," LRG president and principal analyst Bruce Leichtman commented. "Consumers are increasingly integrating DVR, as well as VOD and Netflix, on-Demand TV viewing into their TV viewing patterns."

The percentage of Netflix subscribers with a premium (multi-channel video) service rose to 51% this year as compared to 43% in 2011 and 40% in 2010. At the same time, the percentage who said they would consider dropping their premium service because of Netflix decreased to 20% as compared to 36% in 2011 and 32% in 2010, LRG found.

Other key findings in LRG's, "On-Demand TV 2012: A Nationwide Study on VOD and DVRs," include:

  • 71% of Telco video subscribers, 63% of DBS subscribers, and 42% of cable subscribers, have a DVR
  • 70% of all digital cable subscribers have used VOD -- compared to 58% in 2007, and 25% in 2004
  • Overall, 59% of digital cable subscribers, and 64% of Telco video subscribers, used Video-on-Demand (VOD) in the past month
  • 68% of VOD users who also have a DVR agree (8-10) that their TV service is better because they have both VOD and DVR
  • 26% of Netflix subscribers use Watch Instantly daily, and 59% weekly
  • 79% of Netflix Watch Instantly users use it to watch movies and TV shows on a TV set
Written by Kevin Kutcher at 14:00
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