Report: Apple Continues to Own the Tablet Market, Consumer and Enterprise

iPhone 4S hit a record-high 37% of total smartphone activations in 1Q 2012, four times that of any other smartphone, according to Good Technology's latest quarterly smartphone and tablet activation report. Apple took the second spot as well, with iPad 2 activations accounting for 17.7% of the quarter's total.
The quarterly reports provide a breakdown of smartphone and tablet activations across Good's enterprise customers, which include eight of the top ten financial institutions, seven of the top ten healthcare companies, half of the Fortune 100 and companies spanning every major industrial sector, according to a company press release.

Good's Q1 survey results indicate that companies "continue to embrace the 'bring-your-own-device' (BYOD) trend and accept new devices into the enterprise," Good states.
Besides Apple mobile devices ranking first and second, its new iPad, despite being introduced in March, ranked fourth in total activations for 1Q with 4.3 of the total and an "impressive" 12.1% of March activations.
The Motorola Droid took the top spot among Android devices with 1.6% of all activations in 1Q, making it the seventh most popular device for the quarter. Android smartphones accounted for 26.1% of the first quarter total, while Android tablets accounted for 2.7%.
Good's seeing "rapid growth in both the quantity and size of customer deployments" of iOS and/or Android devices, which grew by more than 50% over 4Q 2011 and were nearly double the previous two quarters combined, the company reported in a press release.
"BYOD smartphones and tablets combined with proactive, company-owned iPad deployments are driving rapid growth both the size and number of new deployments amongst our customers," said John Herrema, Good Technology's SVP of Corporate Strategy. "This includes significant growth in the number of Good users who have both a smartphone and a tablet, with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as the most frequently occurring combination."
Good found that taken together, iPads accounted for roughly 97.3% of tablet activations in 1Q, a figure that's being driven by corporate enterprise as well as consumer adoption. iPad deployments were highest among Good's life sciences organizations, increasing from 3% in October 2011 to nearly 14% in January 2012. Anecdotal data Good gathered indicate strong iPad uptake among pharmaceutical and biotech industry organizations as well.
"With Windows 8, we expect more competition for Apple® and the iPad in the enterprise tablet space, especially for proactive, company-owned device deployments," said John Herrema, Good Technology's SVP Corporate Strategy. "On the smartphone side, we just released support for Windows Phone 7.5 last week and it will be interesting to see how it performs over the coming quarters."

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 13:00
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