Kalona Cooperative Telephone Begins their Cloud Journey with CHR

We announced yesterday that Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company (KCTC) selected CHR Solutions as their partner to bring cloud services to their Iowa community. KCTC will target their small to medium-sized business (SMB) customers with white labeled cloud applications powered by our cloud solution.

KCTC is an early cloud services pioneer among small rural telco service providers. They are seizing the moment and diversifying their business by introducing cloud services. We encourage all clients to investigate the cloud opportunity in their respective markets.

It's early in the cloud services lifecycle and we firmly believe this important business trend will play a growing role in the future success of KCTC and companies like them. The movement to the cloud is a journey and CHR looks forward to helping additional clients best determine how to begin it.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 08:00

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