Amazon: Enterprise Data Centers Will Evolve to IaaS

Amazon executives last week touted the benefits to enterprises of using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Amazon CTO Werner Vogels shared figures from the 451 Group showing that Amazon has around a 60% share of the fast emerging (IaaS) market.
Speaking at the Amazon Web Service Summit 2012 Amazon VP of product development, Adam Selipsky, also made the bold prediction that the gradual shift to third-party cloud service platforms will, within 20 years, lead to demise of the enterprise data center as it's known today, InformationWeek reported April 19.
A line-up of customers addressed attendees, testifying to the benefits their organizations are realizing by making use of Amazon Web Service's (AWS) Cloud infrastructure and growing range of services. These included an IT exec from fast-growing micro-blogging website Pinterest--the company's sole engineer-- and PBS's VP of products, which has relied on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to handle fast-growing viewer demand for streaming of its programs across multiple types of connected devices.
Growing demand for streaming PBS content to mobile and other connected devices has been, in turn, driving PBS's need to provide a high-quality streaming video experience to growing numbers of viewers. PBS is streaming 49% of its 145 million monthly streaming video views to iPads, iPhones and other smartphones. AWS supports PBS's computing and storage needs, which are supported by nearly 70 databases running on Amazon EC2 and more than 170 storage 'buckets' on the Amazon S3 storage service, according to InformationWeek's report.
"The capacity was harnessed in the cloud within a matter of hours, and, according to CycleComputing CEO Jason Stowe, it packed the equivalent power of $20 million to $25 million worth of supercomputing infrastructure. But at Amazon's cloud rates, it cost just $4,828.85 per hour to run the system, and it took only three hours to complete the analysis," InformationWeek reported.
"This means any researcher with a National Science Foundation grant or any person at an academic institution or anyone at a large corporation can now do science that's impossible to do on an internal system in so short a timeframe," Stowe said.

Amazon's success with their AWS platform demonstrates an important trend. Individual enterprise data centers are evolving, and Iaas solutions, such as CHR Solutions cloud platform, will provide a roadmap to a more efficient future.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 11:00