IntelePeer - Taqua Partnership Highlight Cloud Communications Possibilities

Taqua, a Dallas, Tex. based supplier of switching equipment recently announced a deal with IntelePeer, a San Mateo, Calif. based cloud based communications service provider. IntelePeer has selected a Taqua T7000® Intelligent Switching System (T7000) for peering applications.

IntelePeer offers a cloud based communications-as-a-service platform to other service providers and enterprise customers. Their CloudWorx platform offers "…carrier-grade, hosted, on-demand model for adding communications capabilities and features to applications and services without upfront capital costs."

In effect, they are leveraging cloud technology to provide an on demand communications service to a variety of customers. Their communications-as-a-service platform is currently transporting over 20 billion minutes annually between wireless and wireline phones, and IP devices.

IntelePeer is a great example of the type of company enabled through fast evolving cloud and managed services technologies. The types of services and the way they provide them were virtually unheard of just 10 years ago. Indeed, the opportunity presented by cloud infrastructure and managed services is one that all service providers need to investigate and understand fully. In today's environment where revenue diversification and margin maximization are paramount, the opportunities that these technologies enable cannot be ignored.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00
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