TDS Continues March into Managed Services

TDS just made its largest investment to date in managed services by buying Arizona based OneNeck IT Services for $95 million. The OneNeck acquisition illustrates TDS' commitment to hosted and managed services - a commitment further demonstrated by the formation of TDS Hosted & Managed Services, LLC, which includes their other hosted IT acquisitions of TEAM Data Centers and VISI.

Like other tier 2 telcos, TDS is heavily investing in the capabilities to provide hosted and managed services. Windstream is following a similar path. These telcos recognize the growing business opportunity represented by hosted and managed IT services and are executing a revenue diversification strategy with these investments.

It's a strategy we recommend for CHR Solutions clients, most of whom are not as large as a TDS or Windstream, and lack the financial might to build these capabilities on their own. But that lack of scale doesn't prevent you from executing the same strategy. After all, the same conditions that drive companies like TDS and Windstream to want to diversify revenue streams exists with telecom carriers of all sizes.

We have the tools and platforms that can enable small tier 3 telcos to take full advantage of this important opportunity. Contact us for more details.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00
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