Study: Small Businesses Look to Gateways for Efficiency

As small and medium businesses (SMBs) look for efficiency and costs savings, they are increasingly looking to service providers to offer hosted and managed multi-service business gateways (MSBGs). These MSBGs consolidate voice and data services into all IP networks, reducing the strain on SMB IT staff to manage multiple networks.

This trend was recently confirmed by market research firm In-Stat. "Looking to support less infrastructure on-site, branch offices and SMBs are able to consolidate multiple services into a multi-service business gateway (MSBG). This is driving In-Stat ( forecasts of MSBG revenues in the SMB market to over $1 billion in 2015," reports In-Stat.

We at CHR Solutions believe our clients are in a prime position to capture some of that $1 billion. SMBs are looking for these types of solutions, and the local broadband company is best positioned to offer them. This ongoing trend of managed services represents a significant part of the business going forward. We encourage clients to investigate it fully. Contact us to learn how.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00