Key Lessons from Early Cloud Adoption

IBM has published a good report on cloud services, Maximizing Cloud ROI: Five Key Lessons from Early Adopters, which offers great background information about the cloud and its possibilities. IBM worked with organizations who adopted different forms of cloud services and offers five key lessons learned from these early adopters.

The five key lessons include:

  • Choose the Right Targets in the Right Order - moving to the cloud should not be an all or none proposition. It should be an orderly process, choosing the appropriate functions and in the appropriate order.
  • Choose the Right Cloud for the Job - understand the differences between SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS -- then select the appropriate platform for the right enterprise applications.
  • Engage and Educate Users about Cloud Benefits - get beyond the hype and fear associated with the cloud and truly educate stakeholders on its realistic value.
  • Plan for the Transformation of the IT Organization - the cloud is not the newest application on the block. It's an entirely new way to do business which requires thoughtful planning.
  • Rethinking Security, Continuity and Compliance - the cloud brings with it major implications for security and continuity. Don't run from these requirements, embrace them

This report offers great insight into early lessons for cloud services. It can be used to first educate service providers about the value of the cloud. But it also can be used to help educate potential customers.

"The cloud is not just a collection of technologies and services, it's an entirely new model for delivering value to the business," says IBM. It's a great summarizing point - one that everyone should take to heart.

That point illustrates that the cloud is truly a revolutionizing trend and will require education for both companies who use cloud services, but also provide them. We encourage you to download and read it. It's a great contribution to this education need.

Written by Michael Standley at 00:00
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