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Big Data – Big Hype or Big Rainbow

With all the clamor the past year about Big Data is this the service that will cause the broadband pipes to fill and the revenue to soar from business and residential applications? The terms the Internet of Things or Everything also refers to a futuristic view where data will make George Jetson seem more like Fred Flintstone. Is there a business case for rural telephone providers to position and benefit from this change?
Written by Sam Harlan at 10:00

10GB Ethernet Moves into Next Major Growth Phase

Ongoing growth in public cloud,next generation applications, and wireless backhaul, along with deployments by massively scalable data center companies, will drive 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) into its next major stage of volume adoption, as networking bandwidth increases five-fold over the next five years, according to a new report from Crehan Research.
Written by Kevin Kutcher at 10:00

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Study: Small Businesses Look to Gateways for Efficiency

As small and medium businesses (SMBs) look for efficiency and costs savings, they are increasingly looking to service providers to offer hosted and managed multi-service business gateways (MSBGs). These MSBGs consolidate voice and data services into all IP networks, reducing the strain on SMB IT staff to manage multiple networks.
Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00