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Resource and Skill Set Constraints

Even though customers are more reliant on communications services than ever before, they have become much less patient than ever. Customers have made the services that a Communications Service Provider (CSP) provide a critical part of their daily lives and rely on those services extensively. Every CSP has multiple B/OSS interfaces, systems and tools that they deal with, as well as interfacing with third party vendors, to ensure that services are being delivered and maintained for their customers. Keeping staff trained on each of these different systems is often times very time consuming and expensive for a CSP.
Written by Trent Martin at 00:00

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Does It Cost More to Provide Good Customer Service?

The role of IT Managed Services has dynamically changed over the last several years. Personalized, white glove and concierge services are becoming an expectation of support from customers. IT Managed Services is a commodity business. By adding communication, visibility and a common understanding, the client receives the concierge type of approach with the addition of perceived value.
Written by Kelly Kuyper at 00:00

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Access Rate Step Downs: Are You Stepping Up to Ensure Accurate CABS Billing?

As access rates are transitioning due to recent FCC reform, it is more important than ever to ensure that your carrier access billing is accurate. Are you processing CABS status quo by running monthly processes and producing a CABS bill, sending bills to carriers, and hoping to receive payment? Is your amount of revenue billed and collected month to month declining? Are you receiving disputes that you don’t understand? It is definitely worthwhile to be proactive in ensuring that you have sound practices in place to make certain all applicable usage is being billed and you are maximizing your revenue potential. Numerous steps can be taken on a monthly basis to validate your CABS billing and make certain no money is left on the table.
Written by Stacy Mock at 00:00

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The Price of Guarding Your Gold: Usage Error Files

Let me start with a question. If you had a room without a door filled with gold, would it be worth it to hire someone to stand guard over your fortune? Twice in the past week I have been involved in discussions on usage error files where senior leadership of these companies was surprised by the amount of potential revenue that was not being realized due to usage records falling into error files and not being billed.
Written by Eugene McCord at 00:00
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What's Your IP Evolution Plan?

Today’s rural networks contain a well-orchestrated blend of legacy equipment such as TDM switches and older access gear alongside softswitches, high-capacity optical rings, complex routers and gateways. With such a blend, planning the evolution of the network in a cost effective manner that meets the growing expectations of customers has become a significant challenge. Even the most modern networks will retain a significant amount of previous capital investments.
Written by Gary Knee at 00:00

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