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Carrier Access Billing: Don’t Leave Your Access Revenue Potential Unbilled

CHR Carrier Access Billing (CABS) provides a highly scalable solution suited for any size client. With an in-house solution or a completely outsourced option featuring value add services, CHR CABS billing system is equipped to meet your specific access billing requirements.
Written by Stacy Mock at 00:00

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NOC & Technical Support Services Focus On Growth for Businesses

Are you looking to grow your business? Utilizing services like NOC Services and Technical Support allows your staff to focus on your customers. Network monitoring and Technical Support Services can provide added value to customer’s while helping to bolster your business.
Written by David Raucher at 00:00

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Broadband Demand on the Rise

The number one demand by end users is a rapid increase in broadband. People now have multiple devices and are streaming more video with services likes Netflix and Hulu, along with a strong push from gaming consoles such as XBox One and Playstation 4. For service providers this has resulted in demand not only for pure last mile bandwidth, but the additive factor places stress on the upstream fiber capacity, electronic equipment and connection to the cloud.
Written by Michael Beecher at 00:00

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Companies See the Advantages of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services was the fastest growing sector in the outsourcing market that showed growth this past year. According to BusinessWire, full operation outsourcing will drive global managed services revenue to $45B in 2018.
Written by David Raucher at 00:00

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Find Your Billing Solution at RTIME

Have you been searching for a B/OSS solution that embraces a holistic approach to overall Customer Experience? I invite you to join me at the upcoming RTIME meeting at Booth #523, where we will be doing a live demo of our industry leading B/OSS: Omnia360™.
Written by Eugene McCord at 00:00
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