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Are You Ready To Meet Consumer Demands For Faster Speeds?

Did you know as consumers become increasingly accustomed to a connected lifestyle, they will expect all of their technology experiences to be instant, personalized and connected? A lack of high-speed Internet can limit access to healthcare, education, and overall economic growth especially in Rural America. With the global market just a few clicks away, access to fast and stable Internet connections has become integral to modern life.
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The Impact of Fiber to the Home

High-speed broadband is an important national investment, in both urban and rural landscapes across the country. Communities lacking broadband access or high speed broadband can have a negative effect on attracting new businesses or retaining existing businesses. The term “Gig City” is a term that is attracting attention from numerous large cities with the Google build out program, and has also been picked up by others both large and small.
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A Battle without a Plan

There is the story of a man on a journey that did not know where he was going, had no idea on how to get there and was never sure when he arrived. That seems very illogical in today’s world with all the GPS, maps and travel assistance available. Yet in today’s competitive telecommunications arena there is the perception that we do not need to plan anything because of the uncertainty of technology and unresolved financial high cost support ICC, USF and CAF2.
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Digital Home Momentum Drives New Industry Alliance

The home networking industry continues to consolidate and coalesce around emerging industry-wide standards: HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance on May 28 announced they are merging. Operating under the HomeGrid Forum name, the union “creates a larger, stronger organization well positioned to lead the evolution of all home wireline networks to G.hn.” Home Grid Forum has been a leading proponent of G.hn, a set of home networking standards developed under the International Telecommunication Union's Telecommunications Standardization unit, ITU-T.
Written by David Raucher at 09:00

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2013 Operator Opportunities and Threats

As the world prepares to review and renew resolutions and ring in a new year, it’s time for communications service providers (CSPs) to adopt a similar approach — to take stock of industry developments in 2012 and prepare for 2013. To craft our destinies we must ask: what did we learn from 2012, and how can we better position ourselves for the coming year? Buzzy solutions like big data, while worthy of discussion, are quite different from informed strategies that help service providers capitalize on big opportunity and big incentives.
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