Network Evolution Planning

A Service Provider's infrastructure and systems must have the flexibility and agility to support future subscriber needs and planned services. CHR's Network Evolution Planning service provides a one-of-a-kind service to help service providers take the risk out of broadband network planning.

Both ACAM and Legacy Will Require Broadband Obligations. What is Best for My Company?

Now that the FCC has released the information on both Legacy and ACAM support, it's time to decide how aggressive and where to implement your broadband initiatives and still meet the obligation requirements. Our engineering experts spend time with your team, building a multi-year strategy on where, how, and when to build your fiber/copper/wireless network. As a result, you will have a written document outlining a proactive plan for network design, procurement and maintenance of equipment, a schedule for amending the plan over time, and a list of solutions capable of kick-starting and supporting the multi-year plan.

ACAM and Legacy Subscriber Geocoding

In addition, CHR offers a comprehensive (Engineering & Financial) FCC Form 481 annual report filing service based on the Network Evolution Plan, mandatory for the new subscriber geocoding requirement in both the ACAM and Legacy high-cost support. CHR works with you and your cost consultant to update CAD maps, progress narratives, and financials to support your filing efforts.

For additional details of our Network Evolution Planning & ACAM Coverage Reporting Service, please see the corresponding section in our Engineering and Consulting Services Guide.

To learn more about how the FCC's ruling might affect your path or to get the help you need to plan your multi-year initiatives, schedule a meeting with us!

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