Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies

Our consultants have extensive experience preparing Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies that also include a pro forma business plan (income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet). The study considers the investment, revenue, regulatory, operations and expense issues that are typically encountered in planning major capital investments. Generally, our clients use the CHR study to help them make decisions and acquire financing for their project, whether it be for expansion into new markets or upgrading their network in existing markets to rollout new services.

Market Analysis

CHR Engineering and Business Compliance groups team up to provide the following components as part of a Market Analysis to help our clients determine the viability of expanding their communication services into a new market.

  1. Competitive Presence Analysis - Develop a high level overview of the market and provide a list of competitors. 
  2. Business Analysis - Acquire business data and provide a market breakdown based on that data identifying businesses by size and type.
  3. Preliminary Network Design- Network design and build analysis providing estimated network build-out costs.  Map generated showing conceptual fiber layout with businesses along the route.  Field visit to determine preferred fiber route based on construction corridor and maximum number of businesses passed.
  4. Financial Case Study - Financial Analysis and Pro Forma based on acquired business data and mutually agreed upon assumptions.

Acquisition Feasibility Studies

CHR consultants assist companies who are considering the acquisition of telephone or CATV properties. The Acquisition Feasibility Study gives you an idea of what your purchase price could be in the acquisition of such properties. We assist you through the bidding process while always looking at projected investment, revenue, regulatory and expense activities. We help you determine the maximum possible bid while maintaining the lender's requirements in financing the acquisition. Deliverables in an Acquisition Feasibility Study generally include a business plan and basic financial statements such as an income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. 

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