Grounding Audit

Proper central office grounding and bonding provides the best protection against incoming surges that have the potential to disrupt service and damage expensive network equipment. 

Our technical experts will:

  • Inspect central office locations for compliance with RUS' 1751f-810 grounding bulletin
  • Perform an in-depth, onsite review of the existing grounding configuration and test the ground field resistivity 
  • Provide a detailed report, based upon RUS documentation, with recommendations for correcting any violations noted during the ground audit
  • Reports include photos of the violations to clearly show corrective actions to be taken 

Client staff are encouraged to participate during the visit so informal training can be provided in a real world environment. 

In addition to performing the Ground Audit, we can help address any grounding issues by providing field technicians to assist with corrective actions, making CHR's Grounding Audits a true turnkey service.