GIS/CAD Services

Accurate and up-to-date mapping is crucial to nearly every element of your business.  Everything from network maintenance, emergency response, budget forecasting and company valuation require these records be accurate in order to keep your company on course.

Relying on single point dependencies and perishable paper records create vulnerabilities for your customer, community and company. CHR' GIS/CAD Services take the guess work out of geospatial management and ensure your business is on the right path.

No matter what format or condition your maps are currently in, from paper to one of the newer electronic formats, CHR's GIS/CAD team can update them into the latest standard format and make sure they match your plant.  We also include offer an option for turnkey solution management of all plant and operational CAD records in our cloud based systems. Our technical resources, proven processes and systems assure business continuity, improve operational efficiencies and reduce reporting errors through real-time geo-referenced intelligence.

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