How Can Your Business Grow Through Colocation?


Allen Lepke, Managed Services Product Manager



Today's technology and demands from users like yourself often find us trying to do more with less. We all know that our IT departments are under severe pressure to deliver more services, faster and more efficient than ever before. One way to alleviate these pressures is to collocate your equipment in a trusted Data Center.

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What exactly is colocation?

Merriam-Webster defines this as: to locate together; especially: to place (two or more units) close together so as to share common facilities.

How does CHR define colocation? Two elements sum it up fairly well.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Safety Net

How does this work?

Companies own and maintain their own equipment, but share the cost of power, communications, cooling, and floor space with anyone else that collocates in the same Data Center. So you ask "How does this save me money?" Your IT staff will not have the worry of taking care of that equipment because CHR can do that for you as well. Any problems will be taken care of by us, freeing up your employees to focus on more important items and helping the company be proactive on other interests.

Others will use colocation for another purpose. REDUNDANCY! Your data is very important to how you do your business. Why not ensure that it will always be readily available for disaster recovery purposes.

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