Be A Winner In October With Broadband Funding


James Kovaly, Head of Infrastructure and Technology Services



Communication Service Providers (CSPs) interested in potentially pursuing some portion of the $100M being offered by the FCC as part of their broadband funding experiment now that the eligible CBs (census blocks) have been identified, have until October 14 to file.  Questions range from regulatory and technology concerns to whether or not a winning bid can be submitted that still allows for a viable business case.

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The experiments will inform the agency's broader effort to expand rural broadband through its Connect America Fund. They will also inform the FCC's efforts to ensure that consumers everywhere can benefit from the sweeping technological advances occurring now in the communications industry, while preserving consumer protection, competition, universal service and access to emergency services during these transitions.

With in-house expertise, CHR can assist with the  Engineering, Regulatory, Financials and GIS/CAD mapping tasks to help assess a strategy, determine feasibility and ensure a successful bid.  After the winners are announced, we are prepared to handle follow-on OSP Engineering, build-out and assist further with CAF phase II funding.  Oct 14 is the due date for all bids, so don't wait too long!

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