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Leverage Managed IT Services

Ultimately when making technology buying decisions, the general business priorities of an organization play an enormous factor in determining what is adopted and how it is purchased and managed. Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents peg cost reduction as their chief strategic priority in the coming year, a goal that is nearly matched by the desire to improve staff productivity and capabilities.
Written by Allen Lepke at 00:00

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A Battle without a Plan

There is the story of a man on a journey that did not know where he was going, had no idea on how to get there and was never sure when he arrived. That seems very illogical in today’s world with all the GPS, maps and travel assistance available. Yet in today’s competitive telecommunications arena there is the perception that we do not need to plan anything because of the uncertainty of technology and unresolved financial high cost support ICC, USF and CAF2.
Written by Sam Harlan at 00:00

Be A Winner In October With Broadband Funding

Communication Service Providers interested in potentially pursuing some portion of the $100M being offered by the FCC as part of their broadband funding experiment now that the eligible CBs (census blocks) have been identified, have until October 14 to file. Questions range from regulatory and technology concerns to whether or not a winning bid can be submitted that still allows for a viable business case.
Written by James Kovaly at 00:00

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The Holy Grail of Backup

The cloud is a real lifesaver and time saver when it comes to backup. While most consumers and home users will find a single cloud backup to be enough, businesses need to take a different approach. Having a single tier backup in the cloud is not enough.
Written by Allen Lepke at 00:00
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Big Data – Big Hype or Big Rainbow

With all the clamor the past year about Big Data is this the service that will cause the broadband pipes to fill and the revenue to soar from business and residential applications? The terms the Internet of Things or Everything also refers to a futuristic view where data will make George Jetson seem more like Fred Flintstone. Is there a business case for rural telephone providers to position and benefit from this change?
Written by Sam Harlan at 10:00